Esemdemì – Desire to Illuminate

Esemdemì is a brand that introduces an innovative model of business in the field of restoration and hospitality.
Esemdemì is a common thread running through hotels and restaurants of the highest quality in Italy and in the world.
Esemdemì is a desire to illuminate our customers in the encounter with an unforgettable experience.

Robert Wieser


Born and grown up in a family of hoteliers, Robert has made the tenacity and ambition his strengths. It is his mind that has orchestrated the success of Sport Hotel Teresa in the Badia Valley and relaunched restaurant Zur Kaiserkron of Bolzano.
Passionate about wine, he is responsible for selecting the enological partners of Esemdemì, focusing on quality and audacity of his choices.

Monica Wieser


That of Monica is a history of a lifetime journey. Daughter of hoteliers in South Tyrol, she might have it all. But Monica decided that the world was her horizon. Thus, she chose to depart, learning her parent's job in the United States and Dubai.
Those experiences have allowed her gain concreteness and concentration that she now puts at the service of Esemdemì, the facilities of which are curated by her, in terms of administration and management.

Claudio Melis

Chef - Partner

A flower of Sardinia that blossomed at the Hotel School of Sassari. This is Claudio Melis, who left his native island to conquer the world. Over the years, Claudio has worked closely with some of the most famous chefs on the scene, and directed skillfully the kitchens of some famous restaurants.
A cursus honorum that by now has made him become the creative heart that beats in the breast of every facility officially recognized by the Esemdemì brand.

The light of Esemdemì illuminates several hotels and restaurants in Italy and in the world. Find out which they are and live firsthand the exclusive Esemdemì experience.

Zur Kaiserkron


Your journey through the world of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron starts here. Now, you only have to choose time for a visit and reserve a table.


In Viaggio

“In Viaggio – Claudio Melis Ristorante” is a restaurant entirely dedicated to the experimental cuisine. Situated in the heart of the historic centre of Bolzano, it guarantees every guest an ultimate experience engaging all five senses.


The High Culture of Taste

Erised Magazine is our official magazine. The tool we have chosen to introduce you to the world of gastronomy as a cultural asset. Welcome and enjoy culture differently!


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Esemdemì is a desire to illuminate our customers in the encounter with an unforgettable experience.